Aaro Meta Art Show

Published August 1st, 2021

FROM LEFT - Mustapha Musa , Muyiwa Togun , Okwuchukwu Nworie.

Art is alive blooming harmoniously in this creative art show held by Roy Urban Kollection

Despite the pandemic, this Art Lovers drew their batons, hosting the Aaro Meta Art Show live early April 2020. The show was hosted by Muyiwa Togun, Founder and CEO of Roy Urban Kollection featuring three local artists, artworks and handmade Yoruba batik textiles and fashion.

Let’s meet the Artists

Muyiwa Togun is the Founder and CEO of Roy Urban Kollection (RUK), an African textile, art and fashion manufacturer and brand. A self-made artist and textile/fashion designer, Muyiwa pulls inspiration from his Yoruba roots in producing traditional Nigerian batik and “Adire” (tie and dye) textiles, paying homage to the traditional method of African storytelling through art. He designs unique patterns for home and interior design, ready-wear clothing, and produces original artwork. RUK products are made using sustainable practices and locally-sourced, organic materials such as cassava paste and indigo leaves for pattern design and fabric dye.

Over the past year, we have participated in numerous fashion and art events in Nigeria and the USA, we were recently featured in Philly’s Fashion Week in February 2020.

Okwuchukwu Nworie is a full time studio artist based in Abuja. He trained with Britto art studio Kubwa, Abuja between 2004/2005 and also a member Society of Nigerian artist (SNA) Abuja chapter. Okwuchukwu has no preferred media with which to create; rather, he rotates through sculpture, sketch, painting and mixed media. His unorthodox style and flexible talents have made him a highly sought after artist from which to commission works.

Okwuchukwu has participated in various art exhibition and competition both local and international.

Mustapha Musa - With over 15 successful joint exhibitions under his belt Musa Mustapha is a professional artist. He focuses on the sensual nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of life (especially from his locality Nigeria) through the combination of colours, texture, African motives and symbolism. His Exhibition has been hosted in institutions around the country.

His works such as morals has been cited and referenced in numerous work of music and Walls of famous restaurants around the city (Abuja the capital of Nigeria] and other local states.

Musa Mustapha graduated from Abu Zaria at a young age from the department of industrial design. He has been working with different artists and galleries home and abroad.

He has collaborated with organizations like Pepsi, Heineken, and Tiger beer.

Photo speak from the Art show

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