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About The Huts Magazine

The Huts Magazine, accessible from https://www.thehutsmagazine.com/

The Huts Magazine is a quarterly contemporary art magazine born amidst the 2020 crises. The platform makes good use of the web and social media platforms.

The Huts Magazine seeks to insight and inform internationally about Beautiful thoughtful works of both emerging and professional artists; painters, charcoal artists, collage makers and so on. We dedicate our magazine to capture the hearts of our audiences, galleries, museums, art collectors, other magazines though our well-crafted editions which features unveilings, interviews and artists unique styles of doing things. We also create article blogs of interviews and editorial writings twice in a month to those who want to get featured.

The Huts magazine was founded by artists for artists. We started as a blog turned Magazine that helps provide opportunities for new and emerging artists and thus enable them reach a world-wide audience.

Our magazine has partnered up with publishers to help elevate the artists we feature and create an avenue for more visibility.

Where the magazine can found



Lulu Bookstore

Barnes and Nobles

Book Depository

When we release

16th March

16th June

16th September

16th December

For Advertising and partnership, send us an email team@thehutsmagazine.com

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