Exploring Igbo Masquerading, Spirituality, Performance and Visual Resonance in the Art of CHUMA ANAGBADO

Published October 13th, 2021

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Art to some people, are created to support the emotional state of mind, to prepare for the future, to increase productivity and others, cradle the beliefs of traditions and customs.

Born in Gboko, Benue state, the artist is a versatile, innovative and multi-talented who was drawn to beauty, nature and hands-on activity from a tender age. Chuma bewilders the art world through his recent exhibition, by capturing the essence of the intricacies surrounding the Igbo Masquerading, spirituality, performance and visual resonance.

Igbo is a major ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria, possessing many colorful traditional practices, dances and rituals. In the traditional religious faith, they believe in a god they call ‘Chukwu or Chineke’ and a goddess known as ‘Ala’, and many other deities and spirits and ancestors they trust to protect their offspring’s. They associate Igbo Masquerades with spiritual elements, as they represent deities and sometimes dead relatives and in the past, to maintain peace and order. Their clothes are usually colorful robes and masks to cover their true appearances.

Chuma expresses his desire for the Igbo culture in seizing the opportunity the mediums of art presents. Through MMUO, he presents a reality that revives interest in the culture, preserving the art form and situating them in modernity. To pursue this interest, he chose the Center for memories to curate his exhibition he titled, MMUO.

MMUO, which translates to ‘spirit’, forms an apt theme for this month long celebration, between August 14 and September 14, 2021. The exhibition involves a presentation of multi-sensorial aspects of Igbo Masquerading- movements, sounds, materials, masks and scent.

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