The BLUE Gallery of David Rodriguez

published May 8th, 2021

Written By Bardi Osobuanomola Catherine

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Influenced greatly by Guy Bourdin, Wille Christie, Man Ray and Joe Gaffney, the Spain based artist David Rodríguez is a photographer whose heart lies in the depth of the art world. In only a few words, Rodriguez was able to voice his love of surreal and fashion photography in his statement.

About his works

Being an islander is a fact that has determined his production; his subjects appear mysteriously surrounded by water, volcanic rocks and always under the sun. He seems to play mind games of domination and desire with his models, which are maybe influenced by his studies background.

The sun and the sky is a common feature in his works. Looking at his photographs, we may think that there are no rainy days in the Canary Islands, what is more, we may believe it’s an eternal hot summer. His subjects become sun worshippers with their mouth open or their eyes closed enjoying the sun rays.

It kind of seems David is always looking for the sun, he finds the inspiration in the summer fantasies. We can almost hear him directing the models in the shootings to the sun to get the light he wants to. In a shocking development, David’s interest in the sun is so evident that we rarely find a direct look at his camera, because his models are just looking for the blue sky, making this another uncommon characteristic of his portraits. It is like he would let the models just play in space and find their inner selves in his photographs rather than trying to show them with conventional portraits.

Let’s now have a satisfying visual dinner of his ‘BLUE’.

“Blue” (2021) is formed by a series of photographs of minimalist character, in which the simple compositions stand out. The models show sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. The Canary Islands based artist describes the new project as ¨inspired by the work of Horst P. Horst¨ and represents on a summer day in which we can see a girl and a boy enjoying the sun near the coast.

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