Emerson Wang

Published: October, 2020

A thousand words won’t be enough to capture the feelings the oil painter gives in his art works. It speaks the language of different emotions a person feels ranging from depression to other feelings that trickle the mind.

How did your journey start as an artist?

Before I started painting, I was a 3d modeler. One day I tried designing my own characters, which came out ugly even though I spent so much time on it. Then I found out that the problem was because I had no sense of foundation art, so I started to learn how to sketch. Since then, I fell in love with traditional art and after studying fine art for five years, full time, I began to teach students as I started to build my art style.

Does your work have a story behind it or you just paint at random?

My artworks are like my mood diary. Sometimes it’s bright and colorful and sometimes it’s gloomy. Like in our daily life, we’re not always happy and we’re not always sad.

Oil Painting, Emerson Wang.

I noticed the use of oil paint as your medium. Why did you choose it?

Every medium has it’s character and strong point. Oil paint not only can present very strong color but also can have plentiful text.

Oil Painting, Emerson Wang.

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