The Huts Magazine Issue 2

published april 20th, 2021

In March 2021, The Huts magazine released their second issue which encompassed a number of wonderful artists from Europe, Africa and America. The tentative number to eye catching works, were carefully chosen by a professional jury and their well detailed statement, played their roll.

We would like to thank everyone involved, our workers and the participants. It was an exciting journey towards the creation of our March issue and was an extremely rewarding experience to the new and emerging artists. With nothing else, let us present those involved.

Niyati Jiwanti

Nadia Jelss

Irina Novikova

Nathan Betts

Allie Craig

Anirban Mishra

Anastasia Androsova

Nwajiaku Uche Francis

Laura Isaza

Lily Wei

Jessie Burgess

Ciara Heatherman

Michael Lukasiewicz

Cairo Mo

Diletta Innocent Fangi

Abifola Olorunlana

Josh Stein

Emmanuel Odogwu

Aline Smithson

Seve Favre

Anthony Jimenez

Farwa Rizvi

Kacie Lyn Martinez

Aharon Benjamin Cohen

Joyce Camilleri

Mariana Rodriguez Madrid

Humberto Barajas Bustamante

Scotty Art

Jack Ford

Erhan Us

Afikaris Gallery

Moustapha Baidi Oumarou

Omar Mahfoudi


Rojin Shafiei

Ciondolandia Bijoux

Allie Kirschner

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