Jessica Schweizer

Published: October, 2020

In pursuit of pouring her feelings into her art, the Germany based artist makes use of elementary colors in her works to create her master piece. Jessica builds striking abstracts with the help of her creativity and subconscious. Together these elements produce artworks no one can take their eyes from.

How did your journey start as an artist?

Art has always been a driving force in my life. But as student of musicology and playing the piano and the violin, I initially concentrated on music. It was only when I visited an exhibition of abstract art a few years ago that I discovered painting as an alternative form of expression. The paintings inspired me so much that I bought a brush, canvas and colors the next day and I started to paint.

Does your work have a story behind it or you just paint at random?

Basically I paint what I feel. Sometimes the painting develops into something completely different than I first imagined. After a short time I just feel that I am in flow and let my subconscious creativity take over. This process fascinates me in a special way.

Oil Painting, Jessica Schweizer.

What is the greatest adventure your art has taken you?

I feel so uplifted when I remember one special event: My paintings were exhibited as part of a Liedrecital. I was supposed to create art about Schumanns "Dichterliebe". The audience looked at my paintings during the whole concert. That was very inspiring because my abstract art acted as a mirror of the music. Pictures get a new dimension when they are placed under the text of songs that are about love. The reaction of the audience was stunning. They had an augmented art experience that evening because two different forms of art were combined to create something new.

I noticed the colors red, blue and yellow being dominated in most of your works uploaded on Instagram. Is that just a coincidence?

That's a very good observation. It's true, those colors inspire me. Red has always been my favorite one. I love the expressiveness and the spectrum of emotions that red can embody. With the color of water blue, and the lust for life that yellow represents to me, I use the full range of elementary colors.

Oil Painting, Jessica Schweizer.

What upcoming project are you working on?

Together with a classical singer and a pianist, we continue this special form of series of Liedrecitals. I'm going to exhibit several paintings for different compositions and see how they work together in various contexts. Additionally I go on to paint abstract animal paintings for children's rooms.

What would you advice new artist who want to be painters?

For me, art must be emotional, moving and constantly challenging the pre-established rules. In my opinion it's important to always have the courage to try new things. As an artist you have to be true to yourself and do it your own unique way. So my advice is simple and difficult at the same time: paint what you feel and do what you love.

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