Looking ahead to something innovative: Laurence de Valmy #artistonInstagram

Published May 8th, 2021

Written By Bardi Osobuanomola Catherine

Laurence de Valmy
WEBSITE - www.laurencedevalmy.com   INSTAGRAM - @laurencedevalmy

French American artist explores the social media.

“Launched in 2010, Instagram is the favourite platform for visual artists, art galleries and collectors. The pandemic has accelerated this phenomenon in a world where artworks are more often seen through a screen than face to face.”

It is fascinating how individuals are coming up with innovative and astounding works with meanings meant to take our breaths away. Our artist today is one of them. The French-American artist, Laurence de Valmy, has explored social media as a subject matter in her conceptual series entitled POST which revisit art history through fictional anachronistic Instagram posts.

The artist dishes out invitations to us in order to reflect on the links between artists through times and the relationship between Art and social media today. She intermingles her knowledge of art history along with her painting dexterities to share the stories behind iconic artworks. All pieces, which are depicted as Instagram posts from a time gone by, are made with acrylic, combining an original painting and a dialogue that is historically precise yet humorous.

“I love art history but above all I’m fascinated by personal stories and relationships: how artists were connected with other artists, art dealers, writers, their lovers etc. What made them create their work? Or for whom did they do it? That’s what my series is about” says De Valmy

Her innovative paintings have quickly gained interest leading her to appear on HBO ‘The Undoing’

Since de Valmy’s first exhibition in December 2017 during Miami Art Week, her artwork has been exhibited through group shows and major art fairs in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In 2018, she exhibited along Andy Warhol in Munich at the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), in 2019 she had a solo show in New York at Michele Mariaud Gallery and in 2020, her work appeared on HBO alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in the Golden Globe nominee series The Undoing.

Her collectors are usually fans of art history and of the artists she features and some own original works by these artists. Like Hubert Burda (German billionaire publisher), who after commissioning Warhol in the eighties, commissioned her.

“I am very flattered to know that some of my POST paintings are in the same collection as the artists who inspire me” says De Valmy.

A success made possible by Instagram

Some will argue that social media can make us feel disconnected with real life. And that is true in many cases. De Valmy has a positive experience with social media.

“Artists can connect with fellow artists, art dealers, collectors all around the world. I met so many friends thanks to that and was spotted by art dealers on Instagram. It’s been a game changer for me”.

Looking ahead

Despite the pandemic, the artist has been busy in 2020, exhibiting in Korea at the CICA Museum as well as in galleries in France and New York when the situation enabled it. She did a collaboration with Art Girl Rising to develop awareness about women artists.

“The place of women in the art is the reflection of their place in society, things get a bit better but we’re not there yet”.

For 2021, she has several exhibitions already on or upcoming both physical and online

“I believe online exhibitions are here to stay. Nothing replaces the experience of in person viewing but I see them as an additional tool to connect art lovers since not everyone has the chance to visit galleries”.

Currently, she is working on a new series of work titled #hashtagsareArt which reflects on the place of this tool created for social media and now part of our communication.

“I am happy to share that i have been invited by Summit Public Art to create a mural art installation which will be on view from May 2021 in the streets of Summit NJ this year. Public art makes more sense than ever an I am very excited by this new experience .”

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