Lois Emma Harkin

published October 27th, 2021

Sounding the trumpets for all lovers of exhibitions to come forth. While some of us were out scanning through galleries for unique art pieces, Lois who successfully collaborated her traditional practices with technology set up her solo exhibition for all eyes to see. She calls it:

Walk? No, I Wander.

The artworks presented in this exhibition possesses a deep meaning beyond the abstraction. She is presenting you something you can take home, ponder and digest. What best way can you enjoy an art exhibition without wondering the artist’s intent?

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Exhibition dated: October 10th – October 24th 2021

For information about the artworks, contact the artist through her social media accounts.

Walk! No, I Wander

Lois Emma Harkin’s solo exhibition ‘Walk? No, I wander’ is a series of paintings that focuses on an autobiographical exploration.

“Walk? No, I wander, is an autobiographical exploration of finding a reconnection to nature and its significance to mental health and well-being.”

Lois carefully selects specific color palette; green, blue, black, cream and red, referencing various locations she has seen spent time in the past five years. Although the environments may not vividly appear in the artworks itself, emotional and sentimental values are included in the process of production and the titles gifted to them.

“The combination of poetic titling and abstracted compositions is for the audience to make their own. Observing the body of work should be an individual encounter. The audience is encouraged to find harmony and sentimental value in their locations when viewing this work.”

Go find the quiet calm of nature’s contagiousness.

Stand in the mix of rolling hills or float in an endless motion of waves

These small but fundamental actions leave a quiet calm that nothing can replace.


About Lois Emma Harkin

Lois is a multidisciplinary artist, freelance exhibition designer and curator. Through her painting practices, she enjoys working with the engagement of the visitor in connection with environments. Through abstraction, Lois channels site specific environments and episodic memory to evoke emotion. This concept has been in the foreground of Lois’ research and interest since 2019. Most recently, Lois is collaborating her traditional practices with technology, specifically virtual reality. She describes this as an extension of her painting practice as it allows her painting and curatorial practice to be more accessible and sustainable. Her role as an artist is to give an audience something to consider and relate to. The core elements surrounding her 2d practice include producing stimulating, bold and abstract paintings that always represent and associate with environment and memory. The focal point within my curatorial and exhibition design practice is to ring these ideas to life and give the audience something to immerse themselves in. Contemporary art resembles a time where art must be experienced.

Check out Lois Emma Harkin on Instagram @h_a_r_k_i_n

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