published November 8th, 2020

Over the years, many artists have been springing up with their unique styles, ranging from painting, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and many others. Instagram being one of the most popular platforms for artists has been a witness to this; harboring these talents and helping them grow in the field. Awareness has brought the visibility of the abilities of some of these artists who should be getting more attention that they deserve. Here’s our one our top artists and their story you should know before the year runs out.

Born in a Sicilian family of art lovers, Salvatore Graci is a realistic painter whose works represents the transcendental nature of beauty. The metaphorical nature of his figures in an open landscape and his winged animals, represents the freedom of spirit and the freedom of the body untethered to the earth.

Salvatore who started drawing at the age of four, attended the New York school of visual arts where his love for realism started. He took a class with the artist, Michael Deas, an instructor who painted traditional, realistic oil paintings on a wood panel. After being enamored with Deas’ style, thin layers of oil on wood panel, the artist decided to adopted it into his works.


"A Day Without Rain" by Salvatore Graci

"Iceland Girl Blue" by Salvatore Graci

"Pink Flowers" by Salvatore Graci

Visit Salvatore Graci's web page to be updated on his latest works

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